Policies & Certificates

QHSE Policy

We recognize and accept our moral and legal responsibility to improve the quality of our services to customers, protect the environment and prevent ill health and injury to our employees, contractors and members of the public affected by our activities.

We aim to reduce the health & safety hazards and environmental impacts of our activities by utilizing a structured risk management approach, adopting environment friendly technologies, responsible disposal of waste, emergency preparedness and contingency planning.

We are committed to understand and meet customer, statutory and regulatory requirements and shall strive to enhance customer satisfaction.

We shall implement and maintain a Health, Safety, Environment and Quality management system that complies with international standards and conforms to all applicable legal & regulatory requirements.

We shall maintain an organizational culture that endeavors to continually improve the performance and effectiveness of our QHSE management system and other business activities.

Each employee is responsible for the quality of his work within the limits of his or her job. Supporting the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality awareness is a permanent executive duty, as only motivated and well trained employees can work with the right sense of responsibility and purpose.

The management and all employees of Applied Engineering are committed to carry out and to respect the principals of this QHSE Policy.


Pakistan Engineering Council & PNRA Certificates.

  3. ISO 9001-2015 (DOWNLOAD HERE)
  4. ISO 14001-2015 (DOWNLOAD HERE)
  5. OHSAS 45001:2018 (DOWNLOAD HERE)