Applied Engineering an Engineering Company, actively engaged in the various activities mainly concentrated to Oil and Gas Industry of Pakistan. The activities of the operations cover primarily the following fields:

  1. Construction of the pipeline systems including all the ancillaries.
  2. Complete Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Radiography, Ultrasonic, Dye Penetrant and Magnetic Testing.
  3. Full Range supervision of pipeline construction activities.
  4. Cathodic Protection.
  5. Third Party Mill Inspection of Line pipe and Pipeline Fittings and Material.
  6. Pipeline Designing with Material Specification & Route Surveys.
  7. Commission & Start up services.
  8. Project Planning & Management
  9. Feasibility Studies.
  10. Procurement services & supply of materials.
  11. LPG / LPG-Air Mix (SNG) projects studies and operational management.


Applied Engineering is not only backed by highly skilled, qualified and experienced engineering personnel but also possess an inventory of relevant machinery and instruments and are ready to take up any assignment at a short notice.