Cathodic Protection


Corrosion is a natural phenomenon which follows the law of nature. It has devastating effects, on pipelines, storage tanks, bridges, offshore plat forms and metallic structures and cost billions of Dollars/Rupees. This tremendous loss could be saved by controlling corrosion through numerous methods including material selection protective coating and chemical inhabitation. However one of the most effective method for combating corrosion is Cathodic Protection (CP).

APPLIED ENGINEERING provides corrosion control engineering services including survey, designing and installation of Cathodic Protection Systems for pipelines, storage tanks, various submerged structures etc.


  1. Selection of appropriate material for any corrosive environment.
  2. Selection of coating material.
  3. Resistivity Survey.
  4. Designing and installation of Cathodic Protection System adopting any of the following system:
  5. Imprest current system using Transformer Rectifier, Thermal Generator, Solar Energy Power etc.
  6. Galvanic System i.e. Sacrificial Anodes System.
  7. Maintenance and monitoring of Cathodic Protection System.
  8. Corrosion Audit.